3D Bundle

A bundle of Vray 3ds Max high quality scenes with all source files included. Learn 3D and save time by reusing them in your projects!

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With all the sources files needed for rendering in V-Ray & 3ds Max.

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Are you a 3D Designer? Do you use Vray and 3ds Max?

If the answer is yes, or you’re thinking about becoming a 3D designer, then I’m sure at some point you’ve seen all those kickass 3D scenes out there and asked yourself:

I’m sure that again and again you’ve thought: "If I could just see how that scene was made, I’d be able to create something even more kickass myself!"

Source files are gold

The problem is that in the 3D community, nobody shares or sells their scenes!

The .max file holds everything you need to know. It holds all the knowledge, all the tricks and know-how that a 3D designer has learned throughout his career. That’s something priceless.

Several of my design buddies have said to me: "I’d never give away my source files (.max, textures, etc). They contain years of learning, all my tricks. Anyone who uses them will learn in no time, what took me years".

3D Bundle to the rescue!

Over the years, I've learned to design in 3D using 3ds Max and Vray. In this special bundle I’ve put all those years of knowledge into a collection of unique 3D scenes.

By having these 3D scenes you’ll be able to:

And 3d Bundle includes absolutely all the sources files: .max, textures, lighting presets, etc. Everything’s ready for you to hit the render button!

Purchase now!

When 3D Bundle is finished, it will sell for $ 300. If you pre-purchase now, you pay just $ 99 and here's what you get:

  • The best 8 scenes right now.
  • The release version of 3D Bundle on launch day, with all future scenes (more than 12).
  • Absolutely all the sources files needed for rendering in V-Ray & 3ds Max: textures, shaders, .max, .hdri, lighting presets, etc.
  • Different kind of lighing profiles for V-Ray: exterior, studio photo, interior, pseudo-carton, etc.
  • 3D scenes with the best tricks for V-Ray: VRay Displacement, Vray Physical Camera (in order to simulate depth of field), VRayDirt, VRayHDRI, VRayLight, VRayShadow and much more.
Download 3D Bundle - $ 99

Requirements: 3ds Max 2009 & V-Ray 1.5 or higher.

Do you want to try it first? Receive the "Ice Lemon" scene for free by email and join the list.
Questions? Email me or tweet to @javilop.